Mixed Martial Arts

Edge MMA & Fitness is the Rocky Mountain Region's first and foremost MMA Academy. Actually we were competing in MMA long before it was even called MMA (back when it was known as NHB and was outlawed in most states)! Edge MMA & Fitness continues to turn out top MMA fighters today, and it won't be long before you see another one of our members on a top PPV event.


At Edge MMA & Fitness, we combine all the Grappling Arts (including Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo and Russian Sombo) into our own "Freestyle Grappling" Program.
Coach Marr stresses that while the techniques of Grappling include throwing, takedowns, joint locking, choking and holding "The essence of Grappling is the ability to move from one technique to the other as quickly as possible or as often as necessary to control an attacker or opponent."


TEAM EDGE BOXING: 90% of all fights might end up on the ground, but 100% of all fights start standing up! Edge Boxing offers training for the Professional Boxer, as well as the Novice. We also offer Boxing Circuit classes for conditioning and technique only.
Edge Boxing Coaches Scott Ardrey, Chad Kroupensky, Aaron Williams and Aaron LaPoint have produced Amateur Golden Gloves as well as Professional Champions.

Muai Thai

Team Edge Muay Thai Kickboxing offers training for the expert as well as the beginner, and everybody is welcome! Our original Kickboxing Coach (and present Advisor) Tom Yoshida is a 4X All-Japan Muay Thai Kickboxing Champion has trained and coached many Champions including World Champion Duane "Bang" Ludwig. Our present Coaches include former World Kickboxing Champion Aaron Williams, Boxing & kickboxing Champion Aaron LaPoint, and MMA Champion Nick Marr!


Get in the best shape of your life!!!
The Edge Body Boot Camp classes are taught by our own Nick Marr. Nick is a 6X U.S. Grappling Champion, a 2X U.S. Jiu Jitsu Champion, a Certified Personal Trainer, a Certified MMA Conditioning Coach, and is a our Head Instructor for Grappling, MMA, Kickboxing, Kids MMA & Fitness.


In 10 years of our Group Wrestling Classes, we had 196 of our wrestlers qualify for the State Championships, 131 of them medaled, 69 reached the Finals, and 48 were crowned Champion! We now have private lessons available with both Nick Marr and Jess Zobeck... Please call for details!

CARDIO Muai Thai

Since January, 2012, Edge MMA has offered a Cardio Kickboxing Class on Tuesdays and Thursdays for members that are more interested in the workout aspect of Kickboxing as opposed to sparring, etc. So if this sounds what you're looking for, start the New Year out right... Get in shape, and learn to fight!!!


KID'S MMA is one of many programs offered at EDGE MMA and FITNESS. Our kids classes are primarily Jiu Jitsu classes, and the kids will also learn striking techniques on the punching bags and pads as well. These classes are great for self esteem, self defense, discipline, fitness and fun! Call us at (303) 433-EDGE to get more information about this and other programs we offer!


YOGA is one of many programs offered at EDGE MMA and FITNESS, and is becoming more and more popular.., Call us at (303) 433-EDGE to get more information about this and other programs we offer.