Formerly known as "GRAPPLER'S EDGE", Edge MMA & Fitness is Denver's (and Colorado's) First and Foremost Grappling, Jiu Jitsu and MMA Academy.
                                                                                                                                                                                                Edge MMA & Fitness (Grappler's Edge) was established in 1995, and is home of the 19 Time National Grappling, Jiu Jitsu and Submission Wrestling Team Champions! 
Our Team Member's have competed in the UFC, Strikeforce, The Ultimate Fighter, Pride, PancraseADCC and the FILA World Grappling Championships. They've also competed in events all over the United States, as well as Brazil, Canada, Greece, Hugary, Japan, Poland, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine and the U.A.E.


2015 Press Release: 

Sheldon Marr's photo.

The 2015 U.S. World Grappling Team Trials were held in Wilmington North Carolina on May 29, 2015. The winners of each division earned a spot on the U.S. Team to compete in the 2015 United World Wrestling World Grappling Championships in Antalya, Turkey. 

Edge MMA And Fitness was "banged up" this year, with former World Champion Brandon Ruiz having a back injury, World Medalists Shane Cross needing a shoulder surgery, Nick Marr having a thumb injury, Veronica Graveshaving a knee surgery, Eric Brennan getting married this weekend, and Bahar Shahidi moving to California; then at the last minute Kyle Gage injured his knee and Dan Silberman fractured his orbital socket! 

But Edge MMA managed to put together a team, entered six Grapplers in the tournament, winning six Gold Medals, and the Team Trophy (their 20th National Team Title in 20 years)! Representing Team Edge (and earning a spot on the U.S. Team to compete at the World Championships) were Mitch TheMachine Peterson, Defending World Champions Matt Betzold and Colleen Schneider, World Medalist Mike Kelly, Marina Shafir and Gabe Beauperthuy.

Team Edge Coach Sheldon Marr was asked to coach the U.S. Team in Antalya, which will be his 9th time as a U.S. Grappling Team Coach (4X Assistant Coach and 5X Head Coach).

Congratulations Team Edge, and go Team USA!!!


Dec 21, 2014 
We had our Holiday / 20th Anniversary of our Dojo / Coach Marr's 50th year in the Martial Arts Party Friday night and it was a GREAT TIME!!! We had Hawaiian BBQ catered by our friend Norm Schryver, all the beer and hard lemonade courtesy of Sam Adams, & most of the door prizes courtesy of Kiki Johnson (who moved from Hawaii to live here the same day)!!!

We had over 75 members, former members & friends in attendance, & letters from friends who couldn't make it were read including letters from UFC Veteran Keith Hackney, UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock, Olympic Champion Mark Schultz & Olympic & UFC Champion Kevin Jackson... Also, a letter from friend Dave Sixel (President of USA Federation of Pankration Athlima) was read stating that their Promotion Board voted unanimously to promote Coach Marr to 7th Degree Black Belt in Pankration!

Edge Black Belts Nick Marr, Thiago Detanico, Bahar Shahidi, Scott Marshall , Eric Koble & Jim Bacon were in attendance, and (5X National & World Champion) Malcolm Havens received his Black Belt this night!

A special thank you to Nick Marr & the Edge Staff for putting this event together, you did a GREAT JOB!!!
If you haven't seen our Anniversary video, please check it out below, and thank you members, former members and friends for a wonderful Anniversary Party!


On Saturday, July 20, 2013, at the Arizona Grand Resort in Phoenix, AZ, the owner of Edge MMA & Fitness "Coach" Sheldon Marr was inducted into the 2013 U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Fame as "The Grappling Coach of the Year"!!! Coach Marr, who coached the U.S. Men's Grappling Team to a World Team Title (& the U.S. Men's & Women's Team to a 3rd Place Overall Finish) last month in London, Canada, said he feels very honored to receive this Hall of Fame Induction... Marr has been one of the U.S. Team Coaches to all 7 of the FILA World Grappling Championships (2007-2013), & has helped coach the United States to 6 Men's World Team Titles, 4 Men's & Women's Overall Team Titles, & 7 Top 3 Men's & Women's Overall Team Placings!

This is Coach Marr's 5th Induction into the U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Fame (formerly "2000 Jiu Jitsu Coach of the Year", "2002 Outstanding Martial Artist of the Year", "2003 Instructor of the Year", & "2005 School of the Year")...

Coach Marr said "It's an honor to be recognized with the likes of these other Inductees (which include Grapplers "Judo" Gene LeBell & Rafael Lovato Jr; JKD Instructors Richard Bustillo & Paul Vunak; Karate Legends Fumio Demura, Jeff Speakman & Bill "Superfoot" Wallace; UFC Standout Nate "Rock" Quarry; & Former UFC Champion Frank Shamrock)!"

"I've been very lucky to have had the opportunity to have coached so many outstanding athletes in my career." said Marr, "Cherry Creek High School Wrestling Team, Team Edge & Team USA have always made me look good as a Coach!" Marr is also a former Inductee to the Jujitsu America Hall of Fame, the U.S. Pankration Hall of Fame, the International Black Belt Hall of Fame, and the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Since 4 of the 9 Competitors on this year's U.S. No-Gi Grappling Team were also members of "Team Edge", Coach Marr credited much of Team USA's success at the 2013 World Championships to his Staff at Edge MMA & Fitness... "My son Nick (2013 U.S. Assistant Grappling Team Coach & Silver Medalist at the 2013 Amateur MMA World Championships) & Coach Thiago Detanico do almost all the coaching these days at the school... So I feel they deserve a lot of (if not most of) the credit for this award!"

As Always, Coach attributed his success as both an Athlete & as a Coach, to having had great coaches himself... They include Sensei Wally Marr, Coach Charlie Lee, Professor Willy Cahill & the late Professor Wally Jay!


                                                                                                                                                               2013 U.S. WORLD GRAPPLING TEAM TRIALS!!!

Team Edge proves once again to be one of the top Grappling Teams in the country by winning more medals (AND MORE GOLD MEDALS) than any other team in the nation at the 2013 U.S. World Grappling Team Trials, held on April 18-20, 2031 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV.

By capturing the Gold in their weight classes, Bahar Shahidi, Veronica Graves, Will Durkee, Shane Cross, Eric Brennan and Brandon Ruiz will be representing Team Edge & the United States in the No-Gi Division at the 2013 FILA World Grappling Championships in London, Canada, June 12-15, 2013... and Veronica Graves and Aaron Yoches will represent Team Edge and the United States in the Gi Division!!!

Team Edge Results:

53KG: Bahar Shahidi - GOLD:

2007 World Silver Medalist & 2009 World Bronze Medalist Bahar Shahidi wins 2 forfeit matches over 2009 World 5th place Shasta McMurray. Bahar will represent Team Edge & the U.S. in the No-Gi Division at the 2013 World Championships!!!

58KG Veronica Graves - GOLD + GOLD:

A new addition to Team Edge is U.S. Judo Champion Veronica Graves! Veronica won two matches by submission against 2012 U.S World Team Member & World Bronze Medalist Gabriella Foster in the No-Gi Division, and wins two forfeit matches over Gabriella Foster in the Gi Division (due to injury sustained in the No-Gi)... Veronica will represent Team Edge, the U.S. Olympic Training Center Judo Team & the U.S. in BOTH Gi & No-Gi at the 2013 World Championships!!!

62KG Jay Rea - BRONZE:

Jay got down to 136lbs for the first time, and lost a couple of close matches to U.S. Greco-Roman Star John Holt (Brazilian Top Team, OR) & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Standout John Cicio (American Top Team, FL). Jay looked very good for his first tournament at this level!!!

66KG Nick Marr - BRONZE:

2012 U.S. World Team Member & World 5th place (in both Grappling & Amateur MMA) Nick Marr had 3 beautiful submission wins in the tournament, and also had probably the most exciting and most controversial Semi-Final match against UFC Star John Albert of Victory Athletics (WA). In this back and forth match (between perhaps 2 of the most skilled Grapplers in the competition) Nick mounted John, but somehow the technique was overlooked by the referee. So instead of winning the match by 2 points, Nick lost by 1. Nick will be an Alternate on the U.S. Grappling Team, and will compete in the MMA World Team Trials in LA in 2 weeks to hopefully represent Team Edge & the U.S. in the MMA Division at the World Championships!!!

71KG Mitch Peterson & Andre Christy:

Mitch & Andre both looked very good in their first Grappling tournament at this level. Both won 2 or 3 matches against tough competitors! Mitch lost against eventual Gold Medalist Jayson Patino (American Top Team, FL), and Andre lost to eventual Silver Medalist Patrick Benson of Victory Athletics, WA). Andre probably needs to drop to 66KG, and Mitch needs to concern himself more with the point values in these events, and both will be very successful!!!

77KG Will Durkee - GOLD + SILVER:

Another great addition to our 2013 Team is former D1 Wrestler and BJJ Brown Belt Will Durkee... Will walked through his very tough division, then had a 1-0 overtime win in an absolute war with Johnny Nunez of Drysdale Jiu Jitsu (with former UFC Champion Kevin Randleman in his corner)... Will will represent Team Edge & the U.S. in the No-Gi Division at the 2013 World Championships, and is the Alternate in the Gi Division as well!!!

84KG Shane Cross - GOLD:

2012 U.S. World Team Member & World Silver Medalist Shane "The Boss" Cross won in style!!! Shane swept his division with submissions, decisive wins, and 2 overtime wins! In the Semi-Finals Shane beat UFC Veteran Dennis Hallman (Victory Athletics, WA), which is no easy task... Dennis actually has 2 MMA Submission wins over UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes!!! In the finals, Shane got his second overtime win over his friend and former U.S. Team Member and former World Silver Medalist Mike Kelly (Old School Wrestling, IL). Shane will represent Team Edge & the U.S. in the No-Gi Division at the 2013 World Championships!!!

92KG Eric Brennan - GOLD:

Eric was in our Team Edge Wrestling Program when he was in high school, and now that he's out of college, he's back in our Grappling Program! Although Eric gave up 20lbs to some of his competitors, he went undefeated in this event, and even beat out 2012 U.S. Team Member & World Bronze Medalist Daniel Huber (American Pankration, AZ) in the Finals 3-2... Eric will represent Team Edge & the U.S. in the No-Gi Division at the 2013 World Championships!!!

100KG Aaron Yoches - GOLD + SILVER:

Former Fight To Win National Champ Aaron Yoches moved down to the 100KG Category and had 2 impressive submission victories in the Gi Division, including his final match against former U.S. Sombo Team Member Jeff Zastrow (Air Force Wrestling Club) in 2:45... Aaron will represent Team Edge & the U.S. in the Gi Division at the 2013 World Championships, & is the Alternate in the No-Gi Division as well!!!

+100KG Brandon Ruiz - GOLD:

3X U.S World Grappling Team Member, 3X World Finalist & 2011 World Grappling Champion Brandon Ruiz showed all at the Las Vegas Convention Center what happens when great power and great technique come together! Brandon won the tournament with all submissions including a 0:33 submission win in the Finals against Joel Bane (Air Force Wrestling Club)! Brandon will represent Team Edge & the U.S. (for the 4th time) in the No-Gi Division at the 2013 World Championships, and will be going for his 2nd World Title!!!

Medal Count:

Team EDGE: 12 (8 GOLDS)

American Pankration: 07 (1 GOLD)

American Top Team: 04 (3 GOLD)

Air Force Wrestling Club: 03

Victory Athletics: 02 (1 GOLD)

Stable Jiu Jitsu: 02 (1 GOLD)

Modern Day Gladiators: 01 (1 GOLD)

Brazilian Top Team: 01 (1 GOLD)

Alliance Orlando BJJ: 01 (1GOLD)

UFC Gym: 01 (1 GOLD)

Navy: 01 (1 GOLD)

University of Grappling: 01

Old School Wrestling: 01

Drysdale Jiu Jitsu: 01

Two-Nine MMA: 01

Boxing Inc: 01

Texas: 01

This was Team Edge's 18th National Grappling (or Jiu Jitsu) Team Title in 18 years, and "Coach" Sheldon Marr has been asked to coach the U.S. World Team at the FILA World Grappling Championships for the 7th year in a row!




DAN SEVERN SEMINAR - July 26, 2012!!!

3X UFC Champion and UCF Hall of Fame Inductee, Dan "The Beast" Severn ran practice at EDGE MMA & Fitness Thursday night, July 26, 2012 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm... and it was GREAT!!!

Our good friend Dan was passing through Colorado, and wanted to come by and see us... So we asked him to run practice for us and he agreed! We had over 30 people in attendence to train with the UFC Hall of Famer, 3X UFC Champion, and the man that has more MMA wins than any other fighter at 101... THANKS DAN!!!








Team Edge proves once again to be one of the top Grappling Teams in the country by winning more medals than any other team in the nation at the 2011 U.S. World Grappling Team Trials, held on Aug 5-6, 2011 in Las Vegas, NV. By capturing the Gold in their weight classes, both Shane Cross and Brandon Ruiz will be representing Team Edge and the United States at the 2011 FILA World Grappling Championships in Belgrade, Serbia, Sept. 29 ��" Oct. 1, 2011!

Team Edge winners:

Leo Snow, 5th, 132lbs

Brett Tellis 3rd, 143lbs

Shane Cross 1st, 176lbs

Brandon Ruiz 1st, 242lbs

Aaron Yoches, 3rd Absolute

Shane Cross, 2nd Absolute

Medal Count:

Edge MMA, CO: 5, American Top Team, FL: 4, United Fight Team, WA: 2, Next Edge: 2, American Pankration, AZ: 2, Finish Strong: 2, Freestyle Fighting Academy, FL: 1, The Den: 1, Torres Martial Arts, IL: 1, Old School Wrestling, IL: 1, Philadelphia Fight Factory, PA: 1, FTCC: 1, Bambusa: 1, Stable Jiu Jitsu: 1, Sub Fighter MMA: 1, KCBJJ: 1.

"Congratulations Team Edge... What a performance"!!!




Coach Marr was recently interviewed by FightFan.Net... Click on the link below to check it out!!!




Team Edge proves once again to be one of the top Grappling Teams in the USA by winning their 7th straight (8th overall) National Pancrase USA Team Title (and their 15th U.S. National Grappling and/or Jiu Jitsu Team Title to date), by winning the 2010 PANCRASE USA NATIONAL SUBMISSION WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIPS on March 13, 2010, in Broomfield, Colorado.

Edge Coach Sheldon Marr was awarded "The Ozaki Cup" and Team Edge were recognised as the "Pancrase USA National Team Champions".

Winners in the Advanced Division were:

Men's -140: Leo Snow, 3rd Place

Men's -150: Ricky Lundell, 1st Place

Men's -165: Nick Marr, 2nd Place

Men's -180: Max Smith, 2nd Place

Men's -180: Chris Raeburn, 3rd Place

Men's -180: Teo Alvidrez, 4th Place

Men's -200: Lumumba Sayers, 1st Place

Men's -220: Shane Cross, 1st Place

Men's -220: Robbie Turner, 2nd Place,

Men's 220: Brandon Ruiz, 1st Place

Men's 220: Peter Tuai, 2nd Place

Men's 220: CD Vigil, 4th Place